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How do you think other would describe your attitude? [Jun. 3rd, 2004|01:41 am]
I am the serious one of my group of friends. I am the Alpha Male. I am aggressive sometimes to the point of being over baring. What I know I am confident about to the point of being cocky, but not arrogant. I am over protective of the people I care about and in my beliefs… or morals if you will. I am headstrong and tend never to show weakness, or what I perceive as weakness. I am strong and unbending, mentally and physically, yet I am open minded and believe in compromise. I try to put emotion aside and lean on logic for I know that emotion can lead you to falter in one’s over all plans. I tend not to lose sight of my goals if I am passionate about them, but if I am not I often leave myself open to distractions. With all that said I am also a product of my father which make me self destructive if I am not careful. But this trait does not come out when concerning any one else; I will not sacrifice any one else’s well being in any sense of the fraise despite how I may be feeling.

This is Aus in a nutshell. To be honest I’m not sure if this is how other people see me, or if it’s my own interpretation. Perhaps I will need to ask some one…. Do me a favor if you know me. Comment on this and tell me how you see my attitude to be.