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If you are wise, your wisdom will reward you

If you are a mocker, you alone will suffer.

6 April
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I am relatively a baby in the body of Christ. This journal will be for nothing but notations in my studding on my faith, and how to become a better person. Most entries will be question and answer sessions, and you are more then welcome to partake in them, or just comment where you see fit.

I’m an open-minded Christian (no it’s not an oxymoron!) so anything you may want to comment on, debate, or even correct if I am wrong please do. I love to hear other people’s opinions so please share them.

Oh, and if you are going to bash me, please give me very clear reasons on why you’ve come to your opinions, because I do bite back… and my bites are surgical in precision. I love to cut ignorance to shreds.